Om mig

Franco Pincini

Franco Pincini, born in Numana (AN) Italy 1943, came to Sweden in 1963, where he lives since then. His interest in arts and painting were the main reasons he began to paint 1997-98, just for fun in the beginning following probably the idea of getting a hobby. During the past few years he dedicated his free time painting most of all Mediterranean motives inspired by the old masters as well as by his native countryside of middle Italy. Franco has of course Scandinavian related paintings as “Midnight wolves”, ”Suppertime” and a few others inspired by Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson. Friends and people who know Franco since many years, have particularly appreciated these paintings.

Franco did really improve when a couple of years ago he donated two paintings to his San Francesco home church in Italy. The local papers were not late to write of him, as “the unknown Swedish painter” born just there! He decided to just paint for his home church and particularly San Francesco remembering that storytellers always said that the saint was in this part of Italy in the late part of his living. The “last supper”, now in the same church, is a composition he strongly found watching the film of another Franco: Franco Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth. This last supper is far different than all the well-known paintings of the Middle Age. The position of Jesus and the apostles are quite different than the traditional works we know. The light on the stone tables gives a particular atmosphere almost a real feeling of a great moment.

The crying San Francesco shall be the next painting to be on the same church soon. The self-portrait “Sleeping hero” is one of the latest work. Here he probably dreams of his “Lost paradise” that still appears every time he shut his eyes. New paintings have not been completed yet, but be sure you are going to see more of them soon.